2010 Fuding Shou Mei White Tea Cake

2010 Fuding Shou Mei White Tea Cake

White Shou Mei tea leaves compressed in a 350 gram (12.3 oz) white tea cake with a thick and fruity flavor. Excellent value for money, great for future storage.
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There's a Chinese saying aged tea cakes transform from tea into medicine in 3 years, and into a treasure in 7 years. And this cake is almost there! Enjoy this perfectly aged shou mei white tea cake from 2010 that produces an exceptionally rich and mellow soup with a thick texture. Buy one to give it a try, and you'll be back for another.

Unlike the silver needle and bai mu dan white teas, the leaves of this cake are more irregular consisting of different sizes of leaves with a small amount of buds. The raw materials are from a smaller type of tea plant called the 'cai cha' cultivar combined with large leaves from the 'da bai cha' cultivar.

Your tea cake just got delivered? Find out how to store a white tea cake.

More Information
More Information
Steeping time 1 min
Steeping temperature 95 °C - 200 °F
Leaves per 500ml / 17oz teapot 3 gram
Tablespoons / 500ml (17 oz) n/a
Harvest Year 2010
Tea Season Spring
Tea Caffeine Content low
Tea Region Fuding
Tea Province Fujian
Gluten-free yes
Tea in Chinese 寿眉饼茶
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