2018 Fuding Bai Mu Dan White Tea Cake (Waffles Shape) 150g

A pure bai mu dan compressed in a 150 gram white tea cake (Waffles Shape), consisting of fresh leaves and silver needle buds.
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A aerial video of the factory in Fujian, where this cake is made:

Aged White Tea Taste

Given the young age of this white tea, it still has a long way to go before complete aging. The taste currently features soft and floral notes as you can expect from a fresh white tea. However, as it continues to age, the taste will slowly evolve notes of ripe fruit when the cake is over 3 years old. In 7 years, this tea will turn very dark and develop medicinal notes.

TIP: by two cakes: one to enjoy right now, while you store the other away for further aging.

Steeping guide

This tea cake is compressed somewhat tighter than other tea cakes and in the shape of a waffle. As a result the cake is thinner and easier to break. When you steep this tea, you should allow for a slightly longer steeping time during the first brew, to allow the tea to properly unfurl. We recommend a 3 minute brew for Western style brewing in a teapot at full temperature. For gaiwans you may start with a 60 seconds brew than adjust according to taste.

Besides the above instructions, you may also try lower the temperature to 80ºC (175ºF) for a different taste experience. When you do this, double the steeping time.

About Bai Mu Dan

Bai mu dan (or 'pai mu dan'), also known as White Peony, is a national Chinese flower. When you steep this tea, you’ll see that the green leaves are surrounding the silver needle buds resembling a White Peony, hence its name. While a loose leaf bai mu dan is great for drinking it fresh, this white tea cake is perfect for long-term storage allowing the leaves to acquire a mellow sweet flavor.

To steep this tea you can follow the temperature and brewing duration in the 'additional information' section. Add some leaves in your teapot and only fill up the teapot for 1/3 to rinse the leaves, while at the same time warming up your teaware. Then proceed with the first brew.

Once you've purchased your cake, read our white tea cake storage guide.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Steeping time 3 min
Steeping temperature 90 °C - 195 °F
Leaves per 500ml / 17oz teapot 1 pc
Tablespoons / 500ml (17 oz) n/a
Tea Year 2018
Tea Season Spring
Tea Caffeine Content low
Tea Region Fuding
Tea Province Fujian
Gluten-free yes
Tea in Chinese 白牡丹饼茶
Customer Reviews (1)
More balanced than silver needle
I got both the silver needle and bai mu dan cake. While the silver needle cake is smoother and softer, I like the additional bite of this bai mu dan cake. I think I like this cake more, because the mix of leaves and buds allows for a more balanced flavour, relative to a full silver needle cake. The latter is still very nice to have though. I'm curious how the cakes will further ripe while it store them away. Review by Terence (Posted on 2/19/2018)
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