Baby Toad Tea Pet – Tea Pet Frog

Baby Toad Tea Pet – Tea Pet Frog

A cute baby frog Tea Pet handmade from green Min Guo Lu Ni clay. This 3-legged toad from is also known as a ‘money frog’ that can improve your ‘Feng Shui’ and bring wealth.
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This little tea pet is made from a green kind of Yixing clay, known as Min Guo Green Clay. It has a wonderful natural appearance and becomes more bright and shinny over time when rinsed regularly with tea.

Frogs are often found near water, and in Chinese Feng Shui theory, water is a source of wealth and luck.

Where to place the frog tea pet?

If you believe in Chinese Feng Shui, or simply find it fun to adhere to its rules, here’s a few some advice.

  • Position the frog facing the same direction as you. This will allow it to attract wealth for you.*
  • However, don’t let it face towards a door, this will result in wealth ‘leaking away’.
  • Don’t block the sight of the frog with items in front of it. This would be regarded as ‘a frog in a well’, meaning that it has tunnel vision, and obviously doesn’t bring any luck.
  • Increase your luck by having 3 toad tea pets on your table. Let them face different directions, but still avoid the door.

*Note: some online sources will tell you to let the frog face you. This can be true, but it only applies to a toad Tea Pet with a coin in their mouth, meaning that it brings you wealth. The Tea Pet on this page, it doesn’t have a coin in its mouth, so it needs to face the same direction as you, to attract wealth.

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More Information
Material yixing clay
Measures 5.5x3.5 cm (2.2x1.4 in)
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