Double Wall Glass Tea Tumbler with Infuser/Storage 238 ml (8oz)

Double Wall Glass Tea Tumbler with Infuser/Storage 238 ml (8oz)

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Discover a completely new way of making tea. With this double wall glass tumbler you can make tea with just a simple turn. Its world-class design is elegant and modern. Yet, it offers an exceptionally convenient and cool tea brewing experience.
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Watch & see for yourself

Watch the video below and be amazed by how functional this double wall glass tumbler truly is:

Double Wall Glass Tea Tumbler Features

This glass tea tumbler consists a storage/infusion chamber and a large drinking cup connected by a middle strainer part. It offers a seamless tea experience, allowing you to make tea with a simple rotation.


  • A completely new way of steeping tea.
  • Watch the leaves unfurl in the infuser chamber right through the crystal-clear glass.
  • The double wall glass will protect your hands from heat.
  • The silicone rubber finish allows for a comfortable and non-slippery hold.
  • Use the tea infusion chamber for temporarily storing tea. Useful for on the go as you can brew whenever you crave for tea.
  • Made from premium glass that can resist temperatures between -30 to 180 ºC (-22 to 356 ºF). Add ice and pour hot water in the tumbler. While normal glass would crack, this glass tumbler won’t!

How to use:

  1. Add your favourite tea leaves in the small glass infusion chamber.
  2. Twist the part with silicone rubber back on infusion chamber.
  3. Add hot water at the preferred temperature to the tumbler.
  4. Now twist the infuser chamber and middle part on the tumbler.
  5. Turn the tumbler slowly upside down so that the hot water will flow in the tumbler. Once it’s fully upside down, turn it swiftly back to its original position. You’ll see that the water won’t leaf the infusion chamber.
  6. Wait until the tea has reached your preferred intensity and turn it until the slope is about 45 degrees, so that the tea flows back in the tumbler.
  7. Twist of the infusion chamber and strainer part and enjoy the tea directly from the tumbler.
Plus d’information
Matériel verre, le caoutchouc de silicone, acier inoxydable
Contenu 238 ml (8 oz)
Dimensions 66x215mm (2.6x8.45in)
Lavable au lave-vaisselle Oui
Convient pour le micro-onde Non

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