Thé Vert Poudre à Canon

Thé Vert Poudre à Canon

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Un thé vert chinois réputé issu de la Province de Zhejiang. Ses feuilles sont roulées à la main en de petites boulettes qui ont une forte ressemblance avec la poudre à canon du 18ème siècle, donnant ainsi à ce thé son nom si particulier. Parfait pour être mélangé avec des feuilles de menthe afin de créer la fameuse tasse de thé à la marocaine.
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We've selected the highest triple A grade gunpowder that complies with the European organic standard. The finest yet affordable gunpowder tea that can be part of any premium tea blend or consumed pure.

The origin of its name

Gunpowder green tea is prepared in such a way that it has an unusual appearance which resembles the grey gunpowder pellets that were used in the 18th century, hence its name. The leaves of Chinese Gunpowder tea are steamed, rolled tightly into small pellets and then dried. This process enables the leaves to keep their delicious flavor and enticing aroma. The Chinese name for Gunpowder tea is 'Zhu Cha', which means 'Pearl Tea' again due to its appearance similar to shiny grey pearls.

How to make gunpowder tea

To make the perfect cup of Gunpowder tea warm the teapot first and then use half a teaspoon of the tea per person - boil the water but be sure to add it after it's come off the boil so that the tea's beneficial properties aren't lost. Let the tea rest for three to five minutes while the pellets slowly unfurl. The leaves can be used for a second or third brewing. This a tea that's drunk without milk; adding a small amount of sugar will bring out its flavor and reduce any bitterness. Drink it at any time of the day and also with meals - it can be very refreshing when served iced. Another way of enjoying Gunpowder tea is to serve it in the way it's been drunk in North Africa for hundreds of years - blend it with mint tea and serve it with sugar; it's both refreshing and cooling and especially delicious on a hot day.

Health benefits of gunpowder tea

Some of the health benefits of Gunpowder green tea have been found to be due the high level of polyphenols it contains. Polyphenols are antioxidants that neutralize free radicals preventing them causing damage to cells. Green teas also contain fluoride known to prevent build up of the plaque which can cause tooth decay. Gunpowder tea has an astringent quality, which may help with healing wounds and controlling bleeding. World's Healthiest Foods cites a study which concluded that drinking green tea for at least one year on a regular basis had up to 65% lower blood pressure levels than those who didn't drink green tea during that period. The group that benefited the most in terms of low blood pressure were those who drank at least 2.5 cups each day.

Plus d’information
Temps d'infusion 3-4 min
Température d'infusion 90 °C
Feuilles par théière de 500 ml 2-5 g
cs / 500ml 1 cs
Année 2021
Saison l'automne
Teneur en caféine faible
Région Shaoxing
Province Zhejiang
Sans gluten oui
Nom chinois 珠茶

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