Wuhui Heini Black Dragon Egg Yixing Teapot - Long Dan Zisha Tea Pot 220ml

Wuhui Heini Black Dragon Egg Yixing Teapot - Long Dan Zisha Tea Pot 220ml


An exquisite black zisha teapot made from rare iron-oxide rich Zhuni clay, resulting in a natural black colour after over-firing. The dragon and clouds are carved throughout the full body of the pot, which demonstrates fine craftsmanship.

  • The teapot is fully handmade by certificate Yixing artist Shen Fang.
  • 9 hole filter in spout.
  • Medium size: 220ml
  • It’s packed in a sturdy gift box, and the artist's certificate is included.
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What is Heini, Wuhui?

Heini clay teapots are rare because you need to acquire Yixing clay that is rich in iron-oxide content. This substance allows the teapot to obtain its dark colour after oven firing. Moreover, Heini clay is extremely hard to bake. When the kiln temperature is too low, the colour will not turn black. While when the temperature is too high, the teapot will shrink too much and break. Because every batch of clay has a different composition, the artist will first perform several tests firing a small amount of teapots, before he/she decides to baking many teapots at once. Teapots made in such a way is also called Wuhui Heini teapots.

There are also Heini teapots on the market that don’t use natural clay with high iron-oxide content, but ads artificial colouring to obtain the black colour. Our dragon egg teapot absolutely doesn't belong to that category.

Dragon Teapot Symbolism

In China, Dragons are often associated with nobility, honour, power, pioneering spirt and ambition. Thus, there’s often a superstitious believe that owning items with dragons depicted on it, can improve one’s luck and future success. This teapot successfully combines the dragon theme through the shape and art work on the teapot.

Dragon Egg Zisha Teapot Shape

Brew tea from a Yixing teapot that comes in a shape that's just too perfect to be true. The appearance of this zisha hu has an oval shape that resembles an egg. It's not just a common egg though, as the artist calls this pot the 'Dragon Egg'. It's solid, strong, and isolates the heat perfectly inside, while still maintaining the absorbent feature of Yixing clay. Become the proud owner of this 'Dragon Egg' zisha hu today.

More Information
More Information
Clay type Wuhui Heini clay
Content 220 ml (7.4oz)
Measures 11.5x9cm (4.5x3.5in)
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