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What is Qi Zi Bing? Why Are Pu Erh Cakes 357 Gram?

August 18, 2016 No comments

You've probably noticed that the title of this post contains 2 questions. The reason we put them together because they're very much related.

The reason why pu erh tea cakes often weight 357 grams and why they're often packed per 7 pieces is related to the measurement unit used in China.

In China, the main measure isn't kg or oz, but 'jin' (斤) which is 500 grams.

A pu erh tea cake is often pressed in 357 gram cakes. And because they're often packed per 7 pieces, they're often called 'qi zi bing' which literally translates into '7 cakes'.

If you now multiply 7 by 357 grams, you've 2499 grams. Which is 2.5 KG or 5 'jin'. We all love round numbers. So this explains why pu erh tea cakes are 357 grams and packed per 7.