Liu Bao Tea Taste: The 7 Aromas of Liu Bao Cha

Liu Bao Tea Taste: The 7 Aromas of Liu Bao Cha

On our blog we've discussed Liu Bao Cha in several posts including topics such as brewing tips, production, and a comparison with pu erh. In this final post, we'll discuss the 7 kinds of flavours, which you might come across while enjoying Liu Bao Tea.

1. Betel nut aroma

Betel nut aroma is on of the top level aromas of Liubao tea and can only be found in good teas that have aged well enough. Back in the Qing Dynasty, Liubao tea became one of the 24 most famous teas because of its unique betel nut aroma. It may be described as a spice-like aroma similar to nutmeg and cinnamon.

2. Pine smoke aroma

Pine smoke is another classic aroma of Liubao tea. The subtle pine smoke aroma of aged Liubao tea, in fact, doesn't come from pine smoke. It's not the result of being smoked, but rather the result of natural aging. Thus, if you taste an overly strong smokey Liu Bao, it's likely not authentic!

3. Medicinal aroma

Medicinal aroma of Liubao tea is similar to the smell of Chinese herbal medicine.

4. Honey aroma

Liubao tea has a honey-like fragrance, especially when it is relatively young. If you smell the aroma of Liubao tea, you will easily appreciate the unique honey fragrance of it.

5. Jujube aroma

As Liu Bao ages over time, the most common aroma of aged tea is the aroma of sweet jujubes. This aroma releases itself as soon as you start brewing!

6. Woody aroma

A type of Liubao tea's aged aromas, it is the combination of the aroma of wood and medicine, mostly jujube wood and colophony. This aroma is also quite common in other ripe teas such as pu erh tea.

7. Ginseng aroma

At last, the aroma of ginseng is the last aroma you might find in Liu Bao Cha. When drinking a Liu Bao with ginseng flavour, it also often has a red bean paste aroma to it as well. Sometimes ginseng aroma's appear in badly wet-storaged tea. To determine if you had a bad catch, simply check if the tea liquor is bright and clear and if the taste is sweet. If so, it's a good Liu Bao tea!

June 15, 2022