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A Song Dynasty Poem About Liu Bao Tea by Yang Guanqing

April 20, 2017 No comments

Thought not many people know about Liubao tea, the place where it is grown has a history of over 1500 years. In this post we would like to introduce you a poem about Liu Bao cha, written by a poet from the Song Dynasty named Yang Guanqing. This poet has a lot of historical value as it gives us some insights about how its fans thought about this tea in the past.

liu bao tea poem from Song dynasty by yang guanqing

Poem: Tea from Liu Bao

In the wilderness of Cangwu area

There is the luxuriant Liubao Mountain

With a scenic landscape

A famous tea comes from there

Mists and clouds pass it their charm

Morning dew moisten the tips of its leaves

When I drink this tea

The aroma lingers in my mouth

My mind clears, and my spirit is at ease

More About Liu Bao Tea

Named from Liubao town region where it comes from, this tea is a big part of the dark tea family.

The steep mountains around Liubao town are usually covered with mists and clouds. As the sun couldn’t reach the mountains after midday, there is less evaporation. Tea trees that grow here feast on the moist air. That’s why dark tea has big thick leaves with rich aroma.

It’s famous for its mellow taste and red liquor color, a well as its medicinal use. People long believe that drinking Liubao tea is good for relieving the heat and clear the damp from the body. That explains why it’s popular in tropical places like Singapore and Malaysia where lots overseas Chinese reside.