Sweet Osmanthus Green Tea Recipe

Sweet Osmanthus Green Tea Recipe

osmanthus green tea recipe

Following our recently shared osmanthus oolong tea recipe, we’re know also showing you how to make a blend with the same herbal flower, but now with green tea!

Osmanthus green tea ingredients

Osmanthus green tea recipe instructions

You can steep green tea in different ways and with different teaware. In the video above, we're using a teapot to steep the green tea with hot water (85 C - 190 F) for 3 minutes in a teapot. Once it's ready, you can serve it in a glass or cup. Then sprinkle some osmanthus flowers on top and it's ready!

It's also possible to prepare this recipe in a gaiwan as we've shown in this osmanthus oolong tea recipe.

Are you a big fan of dried osmanthus? Then also have a look at our guide on how to make osmanthus syrup at home!

July 1, 2016