Liu Bao Tea Brewing: How To Make Liu Bao Cha?

Liu Bao Tea Brewing: How To Make Liu Bao Cha?

Liu bao tea is a kind of hei cha (dark tea) from Guangxi. The production methodology is the most similar to the production of shou pu erh and also includes the final step of wet-piling.

To steep a Liu Bao tea, Yixing teapots are ideal. If you don't have one, a ceramic teapot or gaiwan are great alternatives.

how to make liu bao tea

Steps to make Liu Bao Tea:

  1. Prepare an Yixing teapot dedicated for Liu Bao tea. If you do not want to dedicate an Yixing teapot to Liu Bao tea, it's better to use a porcelain gaiwan or ceramic teapot. Yixing teapots absorb tea aroma, hence using it for a single kind of tea is recommended.
  2. Add 5-8 grams of leaves depending on the size of the teapot. If you're drinking tea alone and you don't want too many resteeps, then you may reduce the amount to 3-4 grams. 
  3. Applying a 2-3 second rinse once or twice. This may remove any impurities if there are, and prepare the leaves for a better first steep. It may also remove potential unpleasant storage flavour of really old Liu Bao.
  4. Steep for 7 seconds using water at maximum temperature. Liu Bao teas are very forgiving when it comes to preparation. They're hard to oversteep, as in, they won't easily become bitter. Thus, you can adjust the steeping time depending on your preferred intensity.
  5. Pour the tea in a fairness cup. Make sure there's no tea left in the teapot, or the next brew may become untasty. Remove the lid and let the steam come out, until you use it for the next steep.
  6. Serve in small tea tasting cups. Small tea cups allow the tea to cool down faster

The processing method of Liu Bao tea is complicated and requires dedication, effort and years of experience. Read this blog post to find out more: Liu Bao tea production

May 24, 2022
June 11, 2022 at 3:09 PM
Thanks, I followed your steeping instructions, and it worked like a charm! I'm sipping your Liu Bao after my lunches for some extra energy in the afternoon.
June 23, 2022 at 9:54 PM
Hi Zack, we're glad our instructions worked out for you. Liu Bao isn't very hard to steep, but with some extra care the taste will be at its best!