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Liu Bao Tea Brewing: How To Make Liu Bao Cha?

April 12, 2017 No comments

Liu bao tea is a kind of hei cha (dark tea) from Guangxi. The production methodology is the most similar to the production of shou pu erh and also includes the final step of wet-piling. To steep a Liu Bao tea, Yixing teapots are ideal.

how to make liu bao teaSteps to make Liu Bao Tea:

  1. Prepare an Yixing teapot dedicated for Liu Bao tea.
  2. Add 5-8 grams of leaves depending on the size of the teapot
  3. Applying a 2-3 second rinse once or twice.
  4. Steep for 7 seconds.
  5. Pour the tea in a fairness cup.
  6. Serve in small tea tasting cups.

The processing method of Liu Bao tea is complicated and requires dedication, effort and years of experience. Read this blog post to find out more: Liu Bao tea production