Here's Why You Need to Start Drinking Tea
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Here's Why You Need to Start Drinking Tea

A Cup Of Tea Can Help You Feel Refreshed Instantly

Tea has been around for a long time and it is literally a part of almost every culture in the world. There are so many types of teas available now that everyone can have a cup that suits their palate. If you are not yet an avid tea drinker, then below are some tops reasons why you should start right away.

Balanced Caffeine Intake

One of the most prominent reasons why tea has overtaken coffee is that it provides a lower and moderate caffeine intake. A nice cup of brewed tea in the morning can help you start your day in a much gentler manner compared to the high caffeine-filled intake you get from coffee. When you drink a strong coffee to force yourself awake in the morning, though it does the needful, chances are you will crash as soon as the effect wears off. Lower caffeine intake from tea can help you to maintain a good level of caffeine in your body and you can have more than a few cups without worrying about going overboard.

Health Benefits

Tea is very rich in antioxidants. There are many health benefits of herbal tea that you can take advantage of. When you are feeling under the weather, a warm cup of tea can make you feel better. The health benefits of drinking different types of tea can help your body work more efficiently and make you less prone to illnesses. The antioxidant properties of tea can protect you against free radicals that are environmental toxins that get inside your body. All these benefits can be availed by making a cup of tea which takes less than a minute or two.


benefits of herbal tea

There are so many flavors of tea available as compared to coffee. You can enjoy a cup of Earl grey in the morning or Assam tea, and be able to easily tell the difference in taste for both of them. There are fruit teas that can be very refreshing as well as green tea that can help you detox. You can drink iced tea or enjoy it warm. There are teas that even help to enhance your sleep. Chamomile tea can help you to alleviate stress and promote calmness. If you are under stress, there is always a nice flavourful tea that can help you to become more comfortable. Peppermint tea can help you to reduce the feeling of being full or bloating.

Tea has been a source of goodness for years. There have been several arts introduced to help people learn the perfect art of brewing a nice cup of tea. It has become increasingly popular as a reason to get together for friends and have a good time. Compared to alcohol, you can drink tea with your friends and family for a long time without any negative effects on your health. Tea parties can be a great reason for people together and enjoy a cup of goodness with each other. So put on your favorite clothes and head out for a tea party with your friends!

August 8, 2021