How Choosing The Right Coffee Beans Can Make or Break Your Brew

How Choosing The Right Coffee Beans Can Make or Break Your Brew

choosing the right coffee beans

Coffee is a common drink that can raise energy levels and make people feel less fatigued. It also boosts productivity, as well as enhances brain function including memory and emotions. To many people, the aroma and taste of coffee are soothing and can support them through the day. Drinking a morning cup of your favorite brew, or any time of day will make you feel more relaxed.

In this article, we are going to discuss the factors to consider when choosing the right coffee beans to make your brew.

Recognize Your Choices

Purchasing coffee was once easy but with all the variety of flavors to choose from, selecting your coffee beans can be overwhelming nowadays. Knowing the flavor guides that come with each roast type is essential to identifying the best coffee bean for your preference. The consumer market includes two large types of commercial coffee beans, Robusta and Arabica. Coffee type Arabica tends to grow in places of greater altitude and is widely known for its mildly acidic and smoother taste, while Robusta appears to be growing in lesser-altitude areas and has a more powerful and bitter flavor. Even when Arabica is regarded to be of better quality, this varies depending on its growing process and the handling that it gets throughout its path to the roaster. This does not ensure the highest quality end product so concentrate on finding the beans that suit your taste.

Select Coffee Beans According To Your Desired Taste

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To get a great coffee experience it takes a bit of experimentation. A coffee with a smooth flavor and varying amounts of acidity have a greater chance of getting dry with light-colored beans. In a shorter time, these beans are roasted, and the coffee brewed from them appears not to have a bitter taste. A coffee with a strong taste means it was roasted for an extended period. Those beans seem to be shiny and with a dark aesthetic. They create a bold and bitter taste when roasted, adding more espresso oils to the top. Moreover, some preferred organic coffee beans for several benefits.

Organic coffee is produced naturally, meaning that farmers do not use harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers while growing and instead use organic fertilizers. It ensures that the coffee you are drinking will be cleaner as well as the surrounding area where the coffee is made. You can check out some reviews of the best organic coffee available online to make sure you are buying real organic beans. Authentic organic coffee has a better taste and is also better for the environment and growers.

Types of Coffee Roast

Dark Roast

Dark roast coffee is a deep brown color, and can sometimes be oily. Such coffees are lower in acidity, heavy body and seem to show darker flavors. Many coffee drinkers assume that dark roasts are stronger and contain more caffeine than light roasts. However, if determined by a scoop, light roast coffee would have even more caffeine because the beans are denser than darker roasts. Since they were roasted longer, the dark roasts have less mass.

Medium Roast

A medium roast is going to have a darker brown color versus a light roast. You would still be able to enjoy the original coffee, but the strength of the beans will be accompanied by the fuller taste that the roasting process provides. Roasting to this sort of level still retains much of the distinctive aromas of the origin of the coffee, but it also begins moving into the rich caramel sweetness of a prolonged roast.

Light Roast

If coffee is defined as light it means less roasted beans. Beans that are roasted more frequently are darker. Usually, light coffee has a strong taste and contains about the same amount of caffeine as a dark roast, or maybe only a little more. Light roasting is a much sweeter, tangy, lightly scented experience. It is less complex with a deep, charred flavor as for dark roast. Therefore there is a belief that dark roast contains more caffeine. The rich taste gives the illusion of being a stronger coffee but it is just the aroma.

Having a conversation over coffee is perfect for gathering with friends or having a business discussion. Most cafes provide a comfortable atmosphere with welcoming decor and music playlists where people can get together to interact, study, work, or just spend some time. At the same time, some tend to enjoy making their favorite homebrew while reading a good book at home. Whatever your choice may be, now you know how to make your usual dose of coffee more efficient and effective wherever you are.

January 14, 2020