Chinese Tea Singapore

At you can order authentic Chinese tea leaves, tea sets and accessories direct from China. Our prices are generally as much as 60% lower than a local tea shop or tea house in Singapore, while offering the the freshiest and highest grade of teas. Besides our quality and price, we also offer fast and affordable shipping to Singapore.

Chinese tea leaves Singapore

Our teas are categorised in tea types that are accessible from the menu on top of our website. We have a selection of:

loose leaf chinese tea leaves Singapore

Pu Erh Tea Singapore

Besides our loose tea leaves, selection we also particularly want to highlight our pu erh tea selection. Among all kinds of tea, pu erh is probably the hardest to source. You can therefore rely on our experts to judge the quality, and maintain proper storage for perfect aging. In our online store, you can find both pu erh from large factories, such as Xiaguan and Dayi, as well as teas from small boutique factories. You can browse here our raw pu erh and ripe pu erh selection.

Our general observation is that most tea lovers in Singapore by ripe pu erh. Ripe pu erh is better for the stomach and aids digestions, which greatly suits the hot and humid weather in Singapore. That said, we do recommend you to try both types if you're new to pu erh. 

Chinese tea sets & accessories Singapore

If you’re interested in our tea tools, you can visit the main teaware page for a complete overview. Or you may visit our tea sets or tea pots page. While browsing our teaware, you’ll also find lots of wonderful tea gifts.

Our teaware include pots, sets, cups, storage items, gaiwans, mugs and more. Teaware is heavy and often times expensive to ship to Singapore. Luckily, at Teasenz we maintain a flat fee shipping rate per 2 KG parcel. This will fit most tea products on our website, so that you can still enjoy the low shipping fee!

Yixing Teapots Singapore

Besides the teaware mentioned above, we would love to highlight our Yixing teapots for the real tea enthousiast. All our teapots are offered in cooperation with local artists in Yixing, China. Our Yixing teapots hare handmade from authentic clay, and come with a certification of the artist!

Why Order From

Fresh & Authentic

Through our extensive network of family farms, we offer you the most authentic Chinese teas from reputable tea regions. Our artisan teas are handmade, certified pesticide free, and super fresh. On the product page, you can see details such as the year and season of harvest of each tea.

Affordable Prices

By sourcing our teas direct from the farms, we are not only able to fully control the quality, but also offer the lowest prices by cutting out middlemen. Hence, a better price for you and a fairer price for the farmer!

Fast and Low Cost Shipping Service

Due to our efficient shipping service, the delivery time to Singapore by airmail is just between 1-3 weeks. Airmail parcels cost only 7.90 USD (about 10-11 SGD) per 2 KG parcel.

When choosing our EMS express shipping service, the shipping time is shortened to 1-2 weeks. EMS express parcels price depend on the weight of your order. You'll see a price quotation for this method during checkout.

After you buy tea from our online store, we will require up to 2 working days to ship out your order. Once the parcel is shipped, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email including a tracking number.

What are the Best Chinese Tea Leaves

As our large selection of loose tea leaves can be overwhelming, we would like to share with you a list of the most popular Chinese teas often ordered from our returning customers from Singapore:

  • Black tea: Lapsang Souchong
  • Green tea: West Lake Dragon Well
  • Oolong tea: Tie Guan Yin
  • White tea: Silver Needle
  • Jasmine tea: Jasmine dragon pearls
  • Herbal tea: Osmanthus Flowers

Wholesale Tea Leaves Singapore

If you’re interested in ordering tea for your business, you may visit our wholesale info page for further information on our wholesale service and discounts.


What payment methods do you offer for orders from Singapore?

You may pay with PayPal or Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard) through our website. For large orders, it’s also possible to pay through a manual bank transfer.

Do I need to pay any fees for importing tea?

There’s generally no import fees and VAT charged for small parcels up to 5 KG. However, in when you do get a custom charge, you’re responsible to pay for them. The custom fee generally consist of a fix service fee and a %Goods&Services tax (GST) charge over the value of the parcel.

Can I pay in Singapore Dollars?

Yes, you can. Simply select your preferred currency on the upper right corner of our website on a desktop computer. On a mobile, you need to click on the menu icon and go to ‘setting’, then select SGD as the currency of your choice.

I want to learn more about tea, do you have good sources?

For more information about Chinese tea, you may visit our tea blog.

Do you have special offers?

Yes, our special offers change regularly. For the most recent special offers you may visit this page.