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Many Chinese prefer to use natural herbs to stay healthy and cure minor ailments. With Teasenz’ fresh Chinese herbal teas (or ‘tisane’) you can avoid the highly concentrated and risky extracts. We prefer fresh herbs, because with extracts it’s easy to get an overdose. Moreover, why would you miss out on the amazing flavours that nature has to offer, and go for artificial pills instead?

How to make herbal tea? Teasenz Chinese herbs are suitable to steep a casual cup of tisane, or let them simmer for an hour or more in a pan to extract more. On the individual pages of our Chinese herb store/category you can find more information about specific brewing instructions. Besides drinking them pure, you might blend it with other herbs and teas. Visit our blog to discover some exciting herbal tea recipes.

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Most of our tea herbs are caffeine free. These decaf teas are great for in the evenings, and a selection of them even help you fall asleep. Some products in this category also can support your slimming diet and maintain a healthy body weight, while others allow you to detox and stay balanced. Browse our category now, and find the best Chinese herbs online that’s the most suitable for you!