Ceramic Pixiu Mythical Beast Tea Pet 'Chi Wen'

Ceramic Pixiu Mythical Beast Tea Pet 'Chi Wen'

A handmade ceramic tea pet in the shape of the most popular mythical creature (Pi Xiu) that gradually changes skin when you nourish it with tea liquor.
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This tea pet is a mythical beast known as Chiwen (螭吻), which translates into a 'hornless Dragon mouth'. There's also an alternative writing of Chiwen (鸱吻) that translates into 'owl mouth'. This name relates to the fact that this Dragon loves to swallow things.

Chiwen is the 3rd creature out of the 9 sons of the Dragon King and appears often on rooftops of Chinese architecture so it can 'swallow' evil spirits. Through history, at some point Chiwen became more a fish like dragon creature. His presence on roofs is said to guard against fires.

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More Information
Material ceramic
Measures 7x5x6.5 cm / 2.8x2x2.6 in

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