2-in-1 Bamboo Tea Tray & Wooden Storage Box For Pu Erh Tea

2-in-1 Bamboo Tea Tray & Wooden Storage Box For Pu Erh Tea

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A highly practical 2-in-1 bamboo tea tray and storage box. It's the perfect size to store your tea cake and when you take out the tray, you can start prying off a piece of tea right away. The open corner allows you to conveniently shove the tea into your teapot to start brewing. Made from 100% natural bamboo.
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Optimal storage box: Store your compressed tea cakes like a pro with this handy bamboo storage box. The natural bamboo material protects your tea from light, and variations in temperature and humidity. Moreover, it allows for an optimal amount of air circulation to improve the aging of your tea cakes. The natural looks of bamboo will match any tea set whether it's made from ceramic, porcelain, Yixing clay or glass.

Open corner tea tray: one of the corners of the inside tea tray is open. This allows you to easily shove the loosend leaves into your gaiwan or teapot. Without this bamboo tea tray, the loosened leaves will scatter all over the table. Stop wasting your valuable leaves for which you have waited years to age. Store, loosen and pry your compressed tea cakes and bricks like a pro with this handy bamboo accessory. 

Hole in the back: Another smart design gimmick is that the back of the cover has a hole (see picture), allowing you to press out the tray easily with one finger. For tea ceremony experts this is a must have feature so that each and every movement is fluent and artistic.

The Benefits Of Bamboo Wood

The use of bamboo has great cultural significance in Asia. It's more flexible and stronger than normal wood while and therefore very durable. At the same time, it's one of fastest growing plants on earth resulting in low cost production bamboo products such as tea accessories.

Does the box have a coating or is it raw bamboo?

This product is processed with a natural oil based coating to smoothen the surface and make it durable for long term use. We guarantee that the coating is food safe and it will not affect the quality of tea stored inside the box.

More Information
More Information
Material bamboo
Measures 25x24x5.5 cm (9.8x9.4x2.15 in)
Dishwasher Safe No
Microwave Safe No

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