Bamboo Jar for Storage 'Fengshui'

Bamboo Jar for Storage 'Fengshui'

Straight from Anji, the city of bamboo products and tea. This tea jar is made from strong, light and exceptionally durable bamboo wood for many years of use.
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Storage capacity: This bamboo jar can store between 50 - 200 gram (1.75 - 7 oz) of leaves depending on the type of tea.  For example, this tea storage jar can store about 170 gram of more compressed tea, such as our Red Dragon Pearls, or 70 gram of less compressed tea such as Da Hong Pao.

Anji: Origin of our bamboo jar

Like the majority of high quality Chinese bamboo products from China, our bamboo jar is also from Anji, a city that is famous for its bamboo products as well as the famous Anji Bai green tea. The Teasenz team travelled to this region initially for sourcing Anji tea, but discovered many wood products that are great accessories for tea lovers.

Bamboo & Fengshui

Bamboo wood is also often used in landscape, garden design as well as home decoration because of its great 'fengshui' value. Fengshui is a Chinese philosophy of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.

Because of the great fengshui effects of bamboo, it's becoming more and more popular to grow a bamboo plant indoors, either at home or in office. Nowadays lucky bamboo plants are also more widely available in flower shops due to gaining popularity internationally.

Of course, you don't have to believe in luck, but one thing that is fact, is that bamboo products aren't just practical but also fits any interior!

Bamboo Growth Rate

Did you know that bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world? With a growth rate up to 35 inches (almost 90 cm) per day the plants turn into large bamboo trees in just a matter of weeks. This feature makes the production of any bamboo product, such as our bamboo container, very economical to produce and thus affordable for purchase.

Bamboo Jar: Light, Strong and Durable

Besides the low costs, this wood type is also very light and strong. Differently from tea tins, our tea container can be used for many years or even a lifetime when well maintained.

Note: as bamboo is a natural material, there can be slight differences in color and width of this storage jar.

More Information
More Information
Material bamboo
Measures 7.5-8.5 x 15 cm; 2.95-3.35 x 5.9 inch
Dishwasher Safe No
Microwave Safe No

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