Bai Yu Duan Clay Xishi Teapot - Yixing Teapot with Landscape Art 250ml

Bai Yu Duan Clay Xishi Teapot - Yixing Teapot with Landscape Art 250ml


A fully handmade zisha teapot from white jade Bai Yu Duan clay by artist Xu Yaowen . The picturesque landscape is painted using different Yixing clay types. This Yixing teapot is made in the classic Xishi shape with a nine-hole filter.

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'Mountains & Water' Painting

The landscape painting on this Yixing teapot is fully hand draw by using Yixing clay. The different clay types are processed in a softer and thinner state, so that it can be used to be drawn with using a brush. Controlling the thickness of the clay is crucial: it should be thin enough so that you can draw with it using a brush, but yet thick enough so the landscape painting has a wonderful texture and depth. Only natural hong ni, zi ni, lu ni, mo lu ni, duan ni, and hei ni clay is used for the landscape painting. No artificial colouring is added.

This kind of landscape painting is also known as a ‘Mountain & Water’ painting in China. Read poems and enjoy tea, while being amused by the beautiful art on this teapot!

Bai Yu Duan Clay Teapot

‘Bai Yu’ or ‘White Jade’ Duan Ni is a fairly rare kind of Yixing clay that is sometimes found near natural sources of purple clay and green clay. It naturally contains less irons, and thus results in a white jade like colour and a soft texture after oven-firing. Bai Yu Duan clay is an exceptionally breathable type of clay. It’s suitable to steep any type of tea, but particularly great for teas with strong aroma such as black tea and oolong tea.

Always avoid using detergents when cleaning this teapot. Instead, rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.

Xishi Yixing Teapot

The body of this teapot is made in the classic Xishi shape. The term refers to one of the 4 classic beauties of China. Xishi teapots have great airtightness. To test this, you fill the teapot with water, put the lid back on, and cover the hole in the spout with one of your fingertips tightly. Now turn the teapot carefully up side down. You’ll see that the lid doesn’t fall off the pot and no water is leaking. Note: when doing this at home, please make sure to perform such test above a soft surface.

More Information
More Information
Clay type Duan ni clay
Content 250ml (8.5oz)
Measures 13x8.3cm (5.1x3.3in)

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