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Chinese Tea Information

Welcome to the most comprehensive Chinese tea information source on the web. Teasenz doesn't only sell tea, but also provide you relevant information that will only make your tea experience more enjoyable. You will find for instance information about health benefits, brewing/steeping tea, tea types, chinese tea recipes for cooking, tea history and more. See the links below for the topic that you are interested in:

Tea Health Benefits

Green tea health benefits

Green tea for weight loss

Black tea health benefits

White tea vs green tea

History of Tea

History of Tea: Read about how tea became the second most consumed beverage in the world. From how Shen Nong accidentally discovered tea until Mongols treatened the tea culture in China, to how the East India Company monopolized the tea trade and spread tea all over the world.

Chinese Tea Culture

Chinese wedding tea ceremony - the comprehensive guide

Chinese Tea Regions

Wu Yi tea - read everything you want to know about famous teas from Wu Yi mountain region in China

How to make Tea

How to Make Tea: Chinese tea information regarding steeping time, steeping temperature, what water to use, and everything else you need to know to make your cup of tea.

Types of Tea

Types of Tea: Read about different Chinese tea types on one of our blog pages.

Processing of Tea

5 Basic Processing Steps of Tea: Read about how different types of tea are mainly determined by understanding the processing of Chinese tea.

Recipes for Tea

Tea Eggs Recipe: Want to try something different?

Iced Green Tea Recipe: Looking for a refreshing and healthy drink?

Tea Caffeine Guide

Tea Caffeine: Do you want to know how much caffeine a cup of loose tea contains and how it compares to coffee?

Samadoyo Tea Ware

Samadoyo: Teasenz is an official reseller of Samadoyo tea ware.